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How to Choose a Sleep Mask

Choices, choices, choices

Sleep Masks are used for blocking unwanted light and get you to sleep whether you are and home or traveling. You may be a person ready to buy your first Sleep Mask or you are a person who has tried other Sleep Masks and you are now looking for something better. The big question for you is which Sleep Mask do you choose?

Read on for how to select a Sleep mask that is perfect for you.

Can't decide? You are not alone

Deciding which Sleep Mask can be a little over whelming at first and it is a common problem shared by many people. A Sleep Mask can be used, at home, while travelling as a passenger in an airplane car or train, in a hotel, in hospital, night shifters use them during the day, other people during the night, in the office for power napping, for relaxation and meditation.

Your first task is to think about what your prime use is for your Sleep Mask is and that will help to narrow down the choices. For example you are going into hospital and you need something simple that you can throw away when you have finished with it, then you would consider a low cost Eye Mask such as the Snooz product range.

How much light to block out?

Trying to use a sleep mask to block 100% of light is not easily achieved, firstly not all masks are designed to block 100% of light and also since everyone’s face is different shape a mask that blocks 100% of light for one person may not do so for another. All that said it is not always necessary to block 100% of light.

If your situation is that you want are in a fairly dark room but some level of unwanted light creeps in through the curtains or outside street lighting and security lights is creeping in then a mask with 98% light blocking will do the trick for you. If you are trying to sleep in a very bright location such as a hospital ward during the day or a long haul flight in a brightly lit cabin then you will look for a mask with very strong 99% to 100% light blocking capability.

Sleep Masks that block 99%+ of light

Some Sleep Masks can block 99% and even 100% of unwanted light when correctly fitted to the face. From Dream Essentials range consider the Dreamer, Opulence, Escape, Infinity, and Mindfold, Total Eclipse Sleep Mask as Sleep Masks that are especially designed to prevent light from reaching the eyes.

Do you need Eye Cavities?

Before you can answer that you need to know what eye cavities, in relation to sleeping masks are. Some Sleep Masks are shaped and designed in such a way that there are recesses (cavities) where your eyes are.

These cavities mean that your eyes do not touch the fabric of the mask. You can open your eyes with the mask on and your eye lashes are away from the fabric and you stare into inky blackness.

When making your selection for a Sleeping Mask; decide if you want one that is designed to allow fabric to touch the eyes or not.

Some people are actually soothed by gentle pressure to the eyelids, whilst for others, this is an irritation. Sleeping Masks are sometimes labeled with eye cavities or eye recesses and these are the choice for you if you don’t want fabric against your eyes. Escape, Infinity, Sweet Dreams, Total Eclipse Sleeping Mask and Mindfold are all Sleep Masks brands that don’t touch your eyes.

Sleeping Position

Consideration should be given to the bulkiness of the mask. People that sleep primarily on their sides may prefer a more streamlined mask profile so that the mask is not so easily dislodged with varying sleep positions.

Fabric Choices

Materials used in the mask construction are important, particularly for people irritated by, or even allergic, to certain materials and fabrics. Also, how durable is the mask and can it be easily washed.


Price may be a factor for some; Sweet DreamsSnooz, Silhouette,  and Twilight Shade are great value for their small price.

Specialty Masks

Herbs have been used through the ages to treat various conditions due to their medicinal and calming qualities. If you are not prone to allergies then the Dream Essence Sleep Mask and Solitude are filled with the calming scent of either chamomile and or lavender flowers to promote a deep, peaceful or comforting sleep.

How to get started

Now you have considered all the factors in buying a sleep mask it’s time to get one. Your starting point is the overview product page for all Dream Essentials Sleep Masks click here to be shown all the different types you can select from, click the image to find out more information.

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