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What is a Body Pillow?

Body Pillows Explained

A body pillow can provide you with complete comfort and relief from stress and pain. This mattress-sized pillow molds itself to your body to provide total comfort and support. It relieves strain while inducing restful sleep. These pillows can also help eliminate tossing and turning at night since they cradle you inside them securely.

Look for body pillows filled with a revolutionary new material called Fossfil. Imported from Denmark, Fossfil is an extended polymer that fluffs up freely and provides you with a soft, luxurious feeling. This amazing new material won't mat down or lose its softness.

Curl Up with a Body Pillow for Relaxing Rest and Relief Everyone enjoys the feeling of a feather-soft body pillow. These pillows can be especially beneficial to people with back, shoulder, or neck pain. Use these pillows while you're watching TV at night or as you're catching up on your reading. You'll notice a huge difference in how your muscles feel--calm, relaxed, and gently supported.

If you're in the market for a body pillow, look for one with a lifetime warranty against flattening. Technology is at a place now where manufacturers can actually guarantee you years of comfortable full-body support. There are few things as frustrating as a flat, unsupportive pillow. This is something you shouldn't have to worry about. Scout out online websites to find the best manufacturers or body pillows and make a wise purchase.

Comfort U Body Pillow

Comfort U Body Pillow

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