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What are Eye Masks?

Why do they help you sleep better?

Eye masks are one of the best tools that can be used to overcome sleep problems and obtain restful relaxing sleep.

Many products have been developed over the years to assist people with sleep related problems and to help them regain the ability to fall and stay asleep. Eye masks tend to be one of the simplest and most effective of these solutions.

What do Eye Masks do?

Eye masks are designed to keep all incoming light away from your eyes and to induce a state of pure darkness.

An eye mask, also called a sleeping mask, is a device typically made from fabric that is intended to cover both eyes, the device has an elasticated strap that holds the mask onto your head. Place the mask over your eyes to induce a state of darkness or block unwanted light.

How does the Eye Mask work?

When your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep. To help induce this state, you can also use earplugs. When you block out both noise and light, your chances of falling asleep are improved. People who sleep regularly during the day, such as nurses or other shift workers can benefit greatly by using them.

What other things can help me sleep?

You can use an eye mask with other products to help you sleep; such as, peaceful CDs, white noise machines and audio visual programs which block out sound or induce a state of inner serenity and peace.

There are also herbal eye masks with delightful herbal fragrances that can lull you into a deep comfortable sleep. If you suffer from allergies, bead and gel sinus masks can provide the calm, gentle pressure that helps you rest.

Natural Sleep Remedies

Sleep is essential to your health. Many people understand the importance of sleep, but are too quick to turn to non-natural methods of falling asleep. Sleeping pills are highly addictive and not recommended unless you have a serious condition. If occasional sleeplessness is what plagues you, try an eye mask chances are, it will work wonders for you.

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