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BeCalm Night Lamp 16 Colors Remote
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BeCalm BedLight with 16 soft colors and remote control

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"NEW" The Coolest Night Light Ever 

Rid yourself of your stress, worries and concerns move your mind tostate of relaxed calm with this new Bedside Light known as the BeCalmBedLight.   Switch quickly to a state of tranquility and peace as yourinner dialogue and thoughts quieten and all made possible by the powerof calming soft lighting.

Introducing BeCalm BedLight

Bored with the functions of a standard bedside lamp?  While somelamps can be dimmed or have two or three settings, the Becalm BedLightboasts 24 different options and functions.  It has 15 different calmingcolor options plus traditional white light, dimming and brighteningfeatures plus four pre-set routines that can cycle through colorsletting you chill to their rhythm and auto shut-off.  In addition theBeCalm BedLight is all controlled from a convenient neat little remotecontrol pad that can be kept under your pillow or nearby.  

Doctors Recommend Pre-Sleep Routine

A simple pre-sleep routine is often recommended by doctors for thosewho have trouble sleeping. The BeCalm BedLight can be used in such away, it provides a gentle focal point and a 30 minute routine prior tofalling asleep will condition your mind and program you to fall asleepeasily each night.

Not Just for Bed Time

While this lamp is a perfect size and a neat looking item foranyone's bedside table its simplistic design makes it a contemporarylamp for most other rooms in the house, a reading lamp in the study, aromantic mood lamp in the lounge, perfect for setting just the rightatmosphere at the dining table.  

Go Green in More than One Way

Yes, there is a green light option, yet you can really go green withthis bedside lamp, because it uses LED Technology it uses a tinyfraction of the electricity required to power a standard room lamp.Consider a normal reading lamp/night light is typically 40 to 60 Watts,the BeCalm BedLight uses just 2 Watts that is a huge saving onelectricity consumption and your electricity bill.   And don't worry thebrightness and power of LED's can still be enough to read with. 


Product Details

Frosted Glass Dome contains 18 LED Bulbs.

The Base is durable plastic with electroplating chrome effect

AC Power Cord (UL Approved)

Includes easy read one page operating instructions

Remote Control comes with battery included

Ready to USE, No Assembly Required

For Indoor Use Only.

Suitable for US Homes Only with 110v AC Mains


Product Reviews

Average rating
5/54 Reviews



Was this comment helpful ?

I love this little lamp. There are a lot of options for how to set the light - color, brightness, and transition style. I jazzed mine up a little by tossing a patterned scarf over it.
December 10, 2012
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Was this comment helpful ?

I'm very impressed with this bed light. The softly diffused and seamless color changing light is bright enough to illuminate the room yet subtle enough to allow me to drift off well within the 30 minute auto shut off feature. It's become a bit of a challenge trying to stay awake to see it shut off. Wouldn't be without it and would certainly recommend.
November 22, 2012
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New Feature


Was this comment helpful ?

Now you can give feedback and heart ratings on the Dream Essentials website. Test out this unique lamp, perfect for setting the right mood be it for sleep, dining or romance. Do Try this product and tell us about your experience here.
December 1, 2011
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