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Soleil Sun Alarm SA-3 Sunrise and Sunset FM Radio Alarm Clock

Get Deep Sleep and Awake Refreshed with High Energy to Face the Day


Get Deep Sleep and Awake Totally Refreshed with High Energy to Face the Day

Let's face it all of us want deep sleep in order to recharge our bodybatteries, when you really have a good night's sleep you give your bodythe chance to recharge fully and after you wake your day runs smoother,you are more in tune, you are more alive, you are alert and on top formwhich means you make better decisions and cope with life's challengesmore easily.  

Imagine waking on top form everyday

Waking to the Soleil Sunrise Sunset Alarm Clock everyday will help toensure that you do get a great night's sleep every night so you canawaken in the most natural way boost your internal batteries and are allset for an enjoyable day.

Clinical Studies show waking to light helps people with S.A.D

The National Institute of Health indicate that waking to light hasbeen known to help people that suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder(S.A.D), various forms of depression and sleep disorders. Problems wereovercome with increased daytime energy. limited winter weight gain andwaking up became easier. Waking to the Soleil Sunrise Sunset Alarm Clockeveryday will help to ensure that you do get a great night's sleepevery night so you can awaken in the most natural way boost yourinternal batteries and are all set for an enjoyable day.

Product Features

The Soleil Sun Alarm SA-3 is an amazing six in one device not only isit a traditional alarm clock, it is also a Bedside Reading Lamp, aSunrise Lamp a Sunset Lamp (both simulates natural sunset and naturalsunrise which wakes you feeling calm and relaxed with energy to burn),it is a Sound Machine that can play soothing sounds to help you fallasleep, it is an FM Radio and the Soleil Sun Alarm SA-3 is also fullyprogrammable.

Sunset Mode

Activate Sunset mode with timing intervals from 0 to 90 minutes.When you are ready to fall waking you can program the Sun Alarm so thatit gradually decreases brightness over the time limit you set.  As theroom gently darkens your body starts to move into sleep mode and you candrift into a deep deep sleep.

Sunrise Mode

Wake with he sun activate Sunrise mode with timing intervals from 0to 90 minutes.  Set the alarm for your desired time to wake in themorning, choose the Sunrise time (i.e., set sunrise for 15 minutes andfor 15 minutes prior to alarm time the light will gradually get brighterand brighter until the intensity awakens you.  Just like naturalsunlight.

Alarm Mode

You can also choose to wake up with your favorite FM Radio Station or Nature Sounds in addition to the Sunrise feature.

Nature Sounds

Relax to the sounds of nature, chirping birds, crickets, flowing water or an ocean.

Snooze Button

Built in 5 minute Snooze option

FM Radio

Listen anytime to your favorite FM Radio Station

Night Light and Bedside Lamp

The lamp has variable brightness control, turn it bright or dim itdown which means it can be used as a reading lamp, bedside light andmood lighting.

High Intensity LED Lighting

This lamp uses LED Technology which means it will last longer than traditional bulbs and use a lot less energy.

Battery Backup

If power goes out all your settings will be saved.

Product Specifications

Model SA-3

Dimensions (package) 7” x 7” x 7” (inches)

Weight (package) 1.5 lbs.



Product Reviews

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5/52 Reviews



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I've tried a few sunrise alarm clocks and this one is my favorite, it's bright, lights up my whole room, and the nature sounds are so much nicer to wake up to than anything else. I got mine for less at http://naturalsunrisealarmclock.com Go Soleil! :)
September 18, 2012
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