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Does Dream Essentials make a Children’s Sleep Mask?

The answer is yes – but Hush it’s a Secret!

Dream Essentials offers a wonderful range of petite Sleep Masks for little ones called Hush.

Children's sleep masks are the ideal way to help your child get a good night's sleep. Children can sleep comfortably and develop good sleeping habits at a young age when they wear a sleep mask. It's never too early to help your child develop good sleeping habits. Let them start their days refreshed and energized after a full and restful night's sleep.

Same Quality as an Adult Sleep Mask

Kid's Sleep Masks Help Children Sleep Comfortably Look for masks made from 100% natural cotton. If your child has allergies, you may need to search for a synthetic fabric mask. If your child has problems sleeping all though the night, this mask will help. They block 98-100% of all incoming light so your child won't be woken prematurely.

Colors and Designs

Children's sleep masks are made in many different colors and fun designs. Part of the fun will be letting your child choose a color and design that suits him or her best. Make shopping for a kid's sleep mask a fun experience and your child will respond with enthusiasm.

Ideal for children who have trouble sleeping through the night, a child’s sleep masks will give you peace of mind. If your child sleeps through the night, so will you. You can help your child discover that there are ways of fixing problems as seemingly insoluble as not being able to sleep--a priceless lesson.

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Hush® Children's Sleep Masks from Dream Essentials®

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