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What are Sleep Eye Shades?

Sleeping Eye Shades are more commonly known as Sleep Masks, Sleeping Masks or just Eye Masks. There is an abbreviation and the word Sleep drops off to leave “Eye Shade”. The Eye Shade is a device that when placed over your eyes it blocks unwanted light and helps you to fall asleep faster.

Why do we need Sleep?

Sleep allows the body to repair itself and is essential to a person's health and well-being. If a person does not achieve a deep state of rest or suffers from an interrupted sleep cycle, their immune system becomes weakened and they then become susceptible to illness. Bacteria or viruses can easily infect a person when defenses are down.

Sleep also recharges brain function and allows a person to think clearly and feel rejuvenated. Without quality sleep, mental performance is degraded. Try a soft padded sleep mask to help your quality of sleep. 

How can Eye Shades Help?

Eye shades are an easy and natural solution to sleep difficulties, and there are also a lot of sleep mask benefits. They promote deep and restful sleep by helping to block light to your eyes. When correctly fitted to the face, they provide a cocoon of darkness, which allows a person to quickly and effortlessly drift into peaceful slumber.

Eyeshades for sleeping work to simulate darkness and therefore cause the human body to produce the chemical of sleep Melatonin.

Eye Shades are wonderful for taking naps during the daylight hours or at night in houses that have an abundance of natural lighting. They can be used on airplanes or virtually anywhere...anytime that a person wants to be able to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the environment around them.

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