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What are Neck Wraps?

An Easy way to Relax

A Neck Wraps or Herbal Neck Wrap is a device that you can heat or chill and place on your shoulders and neck area for many reasons. They offer you the opportunity to wrap yourself with warmth and delicious herbal aromas. If you are stressed at the end of a long day and need a little extra help to relax, try an herbal wrap and shoulder wrap.

Good for Aching Muscles & Pain

If your neck muscles are tired or aching, you need the heat therapy only neck wraps can provide. Heat your neck wrap in a microwave at brief (approximately 20 second) intervals. When you wrap it around your neck, the extra warmth will chase away any lingering aches and pains and leave you feeling relaxed and calm. You can relieve neck pain, shoulder aches, and other discomfort with these wraps. You can also find heat wraps for necks filled with natural ingredients such as buckwheat and lavender to make the experience even more pleasing.

If you or someone in your family plays sports, you probably have a handy ice pack you turn to at the end of a tough day. Try a neck wrap instead - you can chill the wrap in the freezer for icy cool relief from neck pain and sports injuries. Simply place the wrap in a plastic bag and freeze. The cold temperature will soothe swelling muscles and also help with tension headaches.

Neck Wraps for Comforting

Neck Wraps provide warm, wonderful relief and can also help you stay warm when the temperature dips outside. Wrap it around you while watching TV or reading a book and you're sure to be cozy and warm, no matter what the conditions are outdoors. Your neck wrap will be handy on cold winter mornings and chilly autumn evenings. They make the perfect gift for friends and family.

Herbal Neck Wraps

Herbal neck wraps are one of the easiest ways in which you can relax with the gentle, soothing scents of aromatherapy. Let the gentle scent of herbs whisk your mind away from the stresses of your daily life. Relax with the soothing comfort of soft herbal neck wraps.

Look for herbal neck wrapsherbal neck wraps can help.

For Children’s Injuries

Herbal Neck Wraps Provide Soothing Comfort Herbal neck wraps are ideal for children's playground injuries. Often, children are resistant to ice packs (the traditional method of soothing scrapes and strains). Giving your child a chilled herbal neck wrap to ease the sting of scrapes, bruises, and bumps ensures a no-drip method of pain relief.

Stress Relief

Herbal neck wraps can also help relieve stress at the end of a long working day. After you come home, let the cares of your job slip away as you place the soft, warm wrap around your neck. Curl up with a good book and a warm drink and let the soothing all-natural herbs in the aromatherapy neck wraps restore your calmness and inner peace after a crazy day at the office.

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