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Dream Essentials, LLC, embraces all sleep products that promote a good night’s sleep.  Dream Essentials, is also the leader in Sleep Mask innovation and design and a retailer specializing in health and rejuvenation. 

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About Dream Essentials, LLC

Date Founded June 2002

In June 2002, Dream Essentials was launched; a business that would impact the sleep of thousands of people. It was then that they made available to a wide audience the sleep and relaxation products that they, their families and friends had come to rely on.

Dream Essentials is a retailer of unique, high quality products that enhance the experience of rest and relaxation. Sleep masks are the foundation of their business and the Dreamer™ , Escape™, Opulence™ and Sweet Dreams™ ranges of Sleep Mask are a few of their signature items.

High quality and luxurious sleeping and stress-relieving sleep masks are the flagship of products manufactured by Dream Essentials.

Dream Essentials has also built a solid reputation for manufacturing custom sleep masks and eye masks for its clients including custom designs for Military, Hospitals and Healthcare and promotional products from companies.

Dream Essentials sleep masks feature the finest materials such as taffeta, lightweight and elegant silk, sensuous and velvety velour, and plush, breathable cotton, stretch cotton and organic fabrics. These masks are aesthetically beautiful and functionally and can block out 100% of all light that may enter the eyes, thus assuring a great, relaxing sleep or peaceful rest. With sleep masks at the core of their product line, they added easily shippable items that fit the profile of rest, sleep, relaxation, health and pampering.

It’s been proven that people need darkness to produce the chemicals needed to go into the deep dream state; Dream Essentials strives to design and develop wonderful accessories for sleep for the aid of all.

Product Line Dream Essentials offers a full line of products that pamper and promote serenity and rest. The mainstay is twenty different types of sleep masks, therapeutic eye masks and eye pillows. These include the following:

Bead Bliss™ Soothing Eye Mask, Dreamer™ Sleep Mask, Dream Essence™ Sleep Mask. Dream Essentials™ Sleep Mask, Escape™ Sleep Mask, Essence™ Sleep Mask, Hush™ Sleep Mask, Infinity™ Sleep Mask, Mindfold™ Sleep Mask, Monarch™ Silk Eye Pillow, Natura™ Organic Sleep Mask, Opulence™ Sleep Mask' Silhouette™ Sleep Mask, Silk Eye Shade, Snooz™ Sleep Mask, Solace Gel™ Soothing Eye Mask, Solitude Lavender Scented Sleep Mask, Soothing Mask Eye Cover, Sweet Dreams™ Sleep Mask, Tranquileyes™, Twilight™ Shade

In addition, Dream Essentials carries a wide range of products such sound-conditioning machines, natural awakening sunrise clocks, body pillows and a host of miscellaneous other products all to do with relaxation, stress relief and sleep promotion.

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Your satisfaction is a priority and you deserve exceptional customer service; our staffs are cheerful, friendly and fully-trained product-specialists, who personally use these products in their own daily lives. After all, there's no greater wisdom than personal experience.

If you have questions or feedback about our products or sleep masks, please feel free to give us a call or send a letter, fax or an email.

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