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Gel Masks

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Cotton Cover for Soothing Gel and Bead Eye Masks
Gel Mask Cotton Cover
$5.45SALE PRICE:$3.96 
Solace Gel Soothing Cooling Gel Eye Mask
Gel Mask
$8.95SALE PRICE:$6.95 

Smoothing Gel Eye Mask

Dreaming of a spa experience after your busy routine is over? Well... dream no more. Imagine yourself getting a five minutes break in the tranquility of your own home enjoying of a comforting  therapy for your eyes with this affordable eye cooling mask.

If you are suffering from puffy and tired eyes or constantly exposed to monitors due to work, try this modern and easy to use solution. Simply place the Dream Essentials Soothing Eye Mask against your eyes, feel the magical cool sensation and enjoy of a complete and absolute relaxation.

As a cold therapy, put the cooling gel eye mask for 45 to 60 minutes in the fridge. For an inviting and peaceful warm therapy leave in warm (never boiling) water and indulge. Use the fabric cover for extra comfort.

The use of this soothing eye mask can ease the symptoms of headaches, sinuses and migraines. Buy a couple to keep it handy around the house or buy it as a gift set for your partner or loved one. You can also get the fabric cover to avoid the cooling eye mask from directly touching your skin.