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Glo to Sleep Therapy Masks

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Glo to Sleep Mask
Deluxe Glo to Sleep
$49.99SALE PRICE:$39.98 

The Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask

The Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask can reduce anxiety and tension. This revolutionary technique will allow your body to focus on the process of sleep in an effective way and at the same time will naturally reduce stress.

Put on your Glo to Sleep, gently raise your eyes upwards, hold your gaze on one of the soft points of blue light within the therapeutic eye mask and then breathe deeply. You can choose between the Classic version when you expose the interior of the mask to light before going to rest or the Deluxe Glo to Sleep batteries operated. With both versions, your thoughts will begin to slowly drift into peaceful state of mind.

Looking for a excellent sleep aid on the go? This great light blocking sleep mask can help you create a relaxing environment in any situation. Each set comes with a pair of earplugs to complete your travel kit. Envision yourself using this therapeutic eye mask during the day to boost your energy after a relaxing break.