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Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System S-850
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Jet Lag Help Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System S-850

Includes Jet Lag Therapy


Travel Sound Therapy

Includes Jet Lag Sound Therapy

Studies have shown that you sleep better and relax easier when you can block out distracting noise and listen to natural sounds.  Use this neat travel size sound machine and enjoy higher quality sleep, enhance concentration and feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day - anywhere including your business trips, vacation and general travel needs.  

This Travel Sound Therapy System also can help you combat the affects of jet lag, by playing a special mix of sounds that help get your body adjusted faster to your new time zone.  A travel sleep machine is perfect for the business traveler who needs to be on top form for business meetings.  It's perfect for getting you into the holiday spirit and helping you to quickly shake off jet lag effects.


  • This travel size sound machine packs 19 authentic high-fidelity sounds
  • Has a voice memo for recording your own alarm or memo
  • 2 time zone display
  • Huge back-lit alarm and calendar screen
  • Multi-choice timers with 30, 60 or 90 minutes with gentle off settings
  • Headphone/Speaker Jack
  • Powered by AC Adapter (included)
  • or 4 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Travel Pouch and Time Zone Chart
  • Built-In Natural Sounds

All these sounds in one easy to carry travel sleep machine...

  • 1. Ocean Surf
  • 2. North Woods
  • 3. Thunderstorm
  • 4. White Noise
  • 5. Spring Rain
  • 6. Thunderstorm
  • 7. Island Surf
  • 8. Bonfire
  • 9. Stream
  • 10. Hidden Cove
  • 11. Wind
  • 12. Asian Garden
  • 13. Song Birds
  • 14. Harbour Swell
  • 15. Bamboo Chimes
  • 16. Summer Night
  • 17. Cooling Fan
  • 18. Rain Forest
  • 19. Jet Lag

Jet Lag Therapy

When used during a flight or upon reaching your destination this sound can help you reset your internal body clock. The technique is to use drifting non-linear music which does not conform to normal expected music formulas. This travel size sound machine then combines the non-linear music with slow nature sounds, natural sounds and special pulses to help slow the body's rhythms and encourage relaxation. These sounds have been shown to be effective in resetting the body's inner clocks and transcending time-zone related jet lag symptoms.

Power Sources

The Sleep Sound Therapy System can be powered by either an AC Adapter(included) or 4 AA Batteries (not included). The AC Adapter will easily convert for international use with its dual voltage system and interchangeable plug adapter.

International use: this unit uses a global adapter that allows you to electronically power your unit in different countries.


Size of unit Width 5.25" Height 3" Depth 1.3" (13cmx 7.5cmx 3.5cm)

Gross Weight 6 oz


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