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French Lavender Herb Sachet
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French Lavender Herb Sachet

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Dream Essentials French Lavender Herb Sachet

For use with Dream Essence and Solitude Sleep Mask

The French Lavender is a soothing aroma to help relax your mind and body.  How do French Lavender leaves help while I sleep? Dried French Lavender is a natural sleep-aid used by years for its soothing, sedative and calming benefits. These blue-violet flowers can help you fall sleep faster and wake up refreshed with more energy. Lavender inviting scent may not only improve your sleep quality but also lift your mood. Commonly use for the reliving of symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and stress.

Benefits of the Herb Sachet

  • Your body can relax after a busy day.
  • You can unwind your mind from stressful thoughts.
  • You may wake up feeling refreshed.


  • 1. Remove the dried French lavender leaves sachet from the poly bag
  • 2. Gently ruffle sachet to release lavender fragrance
  • 3. Insert sachet into the pocket on the front of your mask
  • 4. To boost aroma, gently rub the front of your mask


  • Dried French Lavender Buds


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