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Pink Luggit™ Luggage Tag
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Pink Luggit™ Luggage Tag

3 in 1 Luggage Tag


The Perfect 3 in 1 Luggage Tag and Luggage Soft Grip

Grip It!

The Luggit features and ergonomic design that helps you to get a better, more secure grip on your luggage. The soft, molded material of the Luggit can help to eliminate any strain or pain in the hands normally associated with hard, plastic grips. Also, the unique pattern featured on the Luggit creates more surface area on your luggage handles, which allows you to get a more secured grip.

See It!

he Luggit comes in a couple of bright color options that let you identify your bag from a distance. These color options were specifically chosen to help your bag stand out from the crowd.

Tag It!

The Luggit is also a great luggage tag that can help to get lost baggage returned to you. The Luggit features a durable, clear ID tag holder that allows you to keep your contact details with your bags at all time. The durable design is made to last and each Luggit comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee.

The Luggit

To use your Luggit:

1. Remove ID tag and fill in your contact information
2. Attach Luggit to your luggage (it is easier to attach if you do so before putting the ID tag back in the Luggit)
3. Put the ID tag back into the clear pouch.
4. You are now ready to enjoy the full benefits of the Luggit.

The Luggit Features

  • Padded design makes your luggage handle softer, and easier to grip.
  • Built-in luggage tag ensures lost bags are returned to the correct place.
  • Vibrant colors help you to easily locate your luggage.
  • Ultra-durable, each Luggit comes with a 5 year replacement warranty
  • Washable

Product Details


  • Remove ID tag before washing
  • Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry


  • Size: 4.5" x 10"
  • Weight: 1 oz.


Money-back Guarantee

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