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Luxury Sleep Mask Sampler Bundle Deal Pack
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Luxury Sleep Mask Sampler Pack

Not sure what's the best sleep mask for you?
Then, get this luxury pack and try four of the best.

Bonus Gift & FREE U.S. Shipping*


Introducing The Luxury Sleep Mask Sampler Pack

Save over 55% and get to test out four of the best selling luxury sleep masks available today. The pack is specifically designed for people who want a low cost way of trying out different styles of sleep masks,  to see what works best for them.    It ships with two french lavender herb sachets & includes a FREE Bonus Gift.  

all for Just $45*

*FREE Shipping to US Mainland Locations

Why a Sleep Mask Sampler Pack?

Sometimes choosing a sleep mask is a little daunting, there are just too many styles, too many choices. Questions haunt your mind like, which style for me? which strap is best? do I need eye cavities? do I want a adjustable strap or do I prefer hook and fuzzy. With so many factors, how on earth, do you know which one suits you best?

To help, the team at Dream Essentials has put together this unique collection of luxury quality sleep masks. You can try out four of the most popular, luxury class styles of sleep mask and get to test them out yourself, and all for an amazing starter sample pack price. 

All the Sleep Masks in this set have all been carefully chosen, and each has different qualities; which include a different fit, a different style, different head-strap. Which, in turn, means you can find out, first hand, exactly what each style is like and whether that style is best suited for you.

Below is a description of each sleep mask with an explanation of just why it is included in the special pack.

Style: #1 Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask

Designed for travelers, but also, works great at home

The luxurious Escape Sleep Mask is a long time favorite for many sleep mask users. It features two eye chambers (eye cavities), one above each eye, which ensures no pressure on the eyes while maintaining high quality light blockage.

Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask Product Details

The fabric that rests over the eye area and on the face is 100% cotton. This sleep mask is constructed from open-cell, fully breathable, foam padding with cut-outs for the eyes. Plush satin Comfort Bridge™ rests gently across the bridge of the nose to block light.

The exterior fabric of the mask is a soft and durable micro-plush mink. The outside fabric does not make contact with the face; it simply defines the look and feel of the mask and has been selected specifically to withstand the rigors of travel and sleep.

Care: Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Head Strap

The Sleep Mask secures around the head with fully adjustable high grade elastic and adjustable low profile slider. The elastic is slim-line and extremely soft elastic band for superior comfort.

Carry Pouch

Silky taffeta pouch with closeable drawstring.


Mask Size 4" x 10", Weight 1.2 oz, Carry Pouch Size 4.5" x 5.75"

Style: #2 Luxury Silk Side Sleeper Sleep Mask- 'Black' with Dual Head Strap

Superior Mulberry Silk Mask Designed for Side Sleepers, Lightweight and Comfortable

This Silk Eye Mask for Side Sleepers is a luxurious eye mask, designed specifically for people who sleep on their side. Using high-quality, all-natural mulberry silk, this mask is constructed to be thin enough to be comfortable when sleeping on your side, while maintaining the soft, supple feel.

Silk Side Sleeper Sleep Mask Product Details

This sleep mask style is different from the others, firstly because it does not have eye cavities and secondly comes with a dual strap design, two thin fully adjustable head straps. Which are designed to make the mask sit more comfortably on the face, while maximising light block.

Care: Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Head Strap

This silk sleep mask for side sleepers has a new and improved strap design, not just one strap but two straps. Both with a sliding band elastic strap, fully adjustable that allows you to get the perfect fit. The straps can be placed so one is above your ears, the other below to get maximum light blocks and comfort. They are both also thin so that there is no additional bulk when laying on your side.


Mask Size 5" x 9", Weight 0.5 oz.

Style: #3 Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask with French Lavender

An optional sachet can be inserted into the pocket to help with sleep and relaxation

This sleep mask with lavender was chosen for the sample pack for three major reasons. First it has the option of inserting a lavender sachet into a pocket built into the front of the sleep mask. Second, the style of this sleep mask is 'padded', so no eye cavities and much more padding than the silk sleep mask. Some people, really like the fact that the bulkier padding cushions their eyes and blocks light very effectively. The last reason is that it has a different style of head strap you can test out.

Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask with Optional Lavender Product Details

The fabric which rests over the eye area and on the face is soft 100% cotton, which cushions the eyes without pressure. Each mask has a pocket on the front to insert a sachet filled with a subtle and delicate blend of lavender flowers. The sachet pushes all the way into the pocket, the image above shows the sachet on its way into the pocket. You can enjoy the lavender sleep mask with or without the sachet. The fabric on the outside of the mask is an elegant, silky soft, linen satin.

Why Lavender?

Lavender is well known for its ability to aid sleep and relaxation. You can achieve a deeper night's sleep with this sleep mask with the lavender fragrance.  The soothing fragrance helps to lull you into a deep sleep. Simply insert the sachet, deep into the pocket on front of the sleep mask.   Ships with 2 Sachets of all Natural French Lavender Bud.

Care: Remove natural Lavender Herb Sachet prior to washing. Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent, lay flat on a towel to dry.

Head Strap

Single 1/4" wide adjustable hook and fuzzy elastic strap for a secure and comfortable fit.


Mask Size 4" x 10", Weight 1 oz

Dream Essentials French Lavender Herb Sachet

Two Sachets of Dried French Lavender Buds are included in the Sampler Pack

(for use with Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask)

The French Lavender is a soothing aroma to help relax your mind and body. Dried French Lavender is a natural sleep-aid used by years for its soothing, sedative and calming benefits. These blue-violet flowers can help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed with more energy. Lavender inviting scent may not only improve your sleep quality but also lift your mood. Commonly use for the relieving of symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and stress.

Instructions for Dried French Lavender Sachet Use

  1. 1. Remove the dried French lavender leaves sachet from the poly bag
  2. 2. Gently ruffle sachet to release lavender fragrance
  3. 3. Insert sachet into the pocket on the front of your mask
  4. 4. To boost aroma, gently rub the front of your mask

Style: #4 Contour Style Sleep Mask, Light Weight Large Eye Cavity

Gently cover your eyes for peaceful night's sleep

This contoured sleep mask is added to the sample pack so that you experience an all new type of sleep mask experience. The design makes it very light weight, so light in fact you will hardly believe you have it on your face. The design molds to your face and it is comfortable to wear. It is soft, flexible and breathable - so your head stays cool when you sleep.  The soft polyester fabric is padded and has a contoured shape that gently covers your eyes. The elastic strap is extra wide and attaches with hook and fuzzy.

Contoured Sleep Mask Product Details

Contoured is made from a soft polyester interlock fabric, which will feel great on your face, making it easier to relax and drift off to sleep. The fabric of this sleep mask hardly touches your face, it is only the edges of the fabric that make contact, meaning it creates a dark space in front of your eyes, with a large eye cavity. Really liked by many because, it is just soft light and airy.

Care: Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Head Strap

Mask fastens with an adjustable, stretchable hook & fuzzy strap for the perfect fit.


Mask Size 3" x 9", Weight 1 oz.


The Petite Silk Sleep Mask

Not only do you get four luxury class sleep masks, plus two french lavender herb sachets, you also get this a "FREE GIFT; a Mulberry Silk Ultra Lightweight sleep mask.  It is specifically designed to be smaller, thinner and lighter in weight for those who want to use a more petite silk sleep mask.




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This is useful, you get to test out four different styles of sleep mask, ones with eye cavities, ones without and different style headbands, to see which ones works the best.
December 7, 2017
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