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Solace Gel Soothing Cooling Gel Eye Mask
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Solace Gel Soothing Eye Mask

Cool Tired Eyes and Reduce Puffiness


The Ultimate Soothing Sensation

Enjoy Instant Relief for your Tired Eyes

Experience the refreshing sensation of just how good it feels to cool and relax your hardworking eyes. Pamper yourself to look and feel your best. Apply a cold gel eye mask to soothe sinuses, head colds, sunburns and tired puffy eyes - go on you deserve it!

Gel Eye Mask Features and Benefits

  • Cool Tired Eyes and Reduce Puffiness
  • Get Instant Relaxation and De-Stress
  • Soothe Sinuses
  • Perfect help for Headaches, Tension Headaches and Migraines
  • High Quality Frosted Gel Mask
  • Make it a softer experience, purchase an optional cover

Wonderful when Chilled
Refrigerate the gel eye mask for 60 minutes or for intense cold, place in freezer 10 - 15 minutes. Tip - Keep one or more in your refrigerator so you always have a cold eye mask on standby for instant use.  Never freeze mask solid.  Purchase a cotton cover so that the gel mask is extra soft against your face.

Soothing when Warm
Soak 5 - 10 minutes in hot (not boiling) water. Remove from water by straps using tongs. Purchase a cotton cover so that the hot gel mask is extra soft against your face.

Hot or Cold Care Instructions
Wait until mask is comfortable to the touch before applying. Always place fabric or tissue between mask and skin.

Please note the Solace Gel Soothing Eye Mask is not recommended for Microwave oven use

An optional cotton cover is recommended for an even more comfortable experience. 

Gel Eye Mask Construction
Mask fastens with with an adjustable Velcro strap.


Size 4" x 9" Weight 6 oz


Product Reviews

Average rating
4.7/53 Reviews

Anonymous User


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I have used this Gel Mask when I have a headache, I put it on my cold shelf in the fridge (not freezer, although you can pop it in the freeze for short periods of time - but do not freeze). Then I place it on my head, the cooling sensation is great and instantly I find relief from my headache. As a tip chill the cover also, the cover is soft and I like it better than the plastic of the mask against my skin. I have two masks, that way after the coolness starts to wear off I can take out the second mask that was already chilling in my fridge.
November 6, 2013
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New Feature


Was this comment helpful ?

I keep two of these in my refrigerator and any time a tension or stress headache strikes, I take my gel mask to a quiet room and put it on. It is amazing, the cooling sensation is instant, which in turn means instant relief.
January 18, 2012
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Was this comment helpful ?

this works! place it on your eyes/head after it is chilled cold and you feel it the moment you put it on - very relaxing. The strap has plenty of adjustment which is good for me because of the size of my head
January 18, 2012
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