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Twilight Side Sleeper

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Slim-line Sleeping Mask for Side Sleepers

This travel good night sleep kit ships with Carry Pouch, Earplugs and Earplug Case

This sleep mask kit is perfect for traveling, the masks folds into a small pouch for easy carry. Inside the case is a pair of earplugs and a neat little earplug case to keep your earplugs dust free while you travel.

The sleep mask is slim-line so is great for side sleepers.  It is made of multiple layers so that light blocking is very good, the layers are all thin gauge so if you are a person that sleeps on their side the fabric won't dig into your face. Pair this sleep mask with a pillow for side sleepers.

Sleep Mask Features and Benefits

  • Great for airline travel, hotel and bedtime
  • Adjustable strap for comfort
  • Nose piece to stop light entering from around your nose area.
  • One Size fits All with this good night sleep kit!

Fabric Details

  • Cotton liner
  • Synthetic exterior

Care Instructions

  • Gently hand wash in cool water
  • Air dry


  • Weight 0.8 oz
  • Size 4" x 8"


Product Reviews

Average rating
4.2/56 Reviews



Was this comment helpful ?

This looks similar to the Dream Essentials Silhouette model, but that's where the comparison ends. The Twilight Sleep Mask is incredibly uncomfortable, regardless of how loose you adjust the straps. Incidentally, it incorporate two thin straps that seem to serve no purpose. One wider strap would have made it slightly less intolerable. Just like their Silhouette mask, this one does an effective job of blocking out the light, but it does so at the expense of comfort. You can adjust this for the loosest setting possible, yet the inside of the mask still rubs against your eyes, even when closed. The bottom line is that this is an extremely uncomfortable sleep mask and I don't recommend it at all. If you're looking for a lightweight mask that will block out all of the light in comfort, purchase the Dream Essentials Silhouette mask. If you're looking for a super plush mask, their Opulence or Dreamer model will fit the bill. If you only sleep on your back, than the Infinity Sleep Mask, also manufactured by the same company is a perfect fit. The mask reviewed here isn't suitable for anyone.
December 15, 2014
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Was this comment helpful ?

This product is excellent. I tried it during a overnight flight and it totally blocked out the lights in the cabin. Together with the ear plus that also efficiently blocked out the noise including the engine sounds. With this product, I had a good night sleep and I also used it to block out my mate's snores and the lights in our room.
February 23, 2014
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Was this comment helpful ?

I ordered this mask as a replacement for an older Dream Essentials travel mask, which I'd actually been using as a regular part of my sleep routine. I'm very pleased with this purchase. For me, the Twilight mask blocks out 100% light and stays on firmly all night. The only thing of note is that this is a snug-fitting mask, particularly for those with a larger head. I personally don't mind the snugness but your results may vary. I recommend this for side sleepers, tummy sleepers and anyone who likes total darkness at bedtime.
November 3, 2013
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Was this comment helpful ?

The adjustable strap did not work for me. Each side of it connects at two places on the side of the mask, then in the middle of the back of your head, the two parts of the strap connect to a piece of adjustable Velcro. The problem for me was that the lower of the two straps on each side either had to rest behind the top of my ear, which was very uncomfortable, or it had to go lower, and actually rest across each ear, and that made the mask slide off. The Shilouette mask is a good alternative. The strap works much better and the mask works just as well.
September 14, 2013
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Was this comment helpful ?

The twilight sleeping kit is a quality mask. Its easy to adjust the straps to fit just right around the head. It's small pouch makes it very convenient for when I travel. This mask is the only mask that blocks out all light in the room. Overall its a great mask to have.
September 9, 2013
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