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Replacement Fisher Space Pen for the Nite Note The Amazing Night Time Note Pad
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Fisher Space Pen Refill and Case

Fisher Space Pen Refill #SPR4 - Black Ink

Replacement Fisher Space Pen for the Nite Note.

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Fisher Space Pen Refill #SPR4 - Black Ink

Shipping with this pen case is the Fisher Ball Point Pen Refill.  This Refill Pressurized Space Pen writes upside down

The ball point, Fisher Pressurized pen and refill was developed by Paul C Fisher for NASA in 1965. It is still in use today on manned space flights because it performs when other pens fail.  The combination of tungsten carbide ball point and thixoptopic ink in a hermetically sealed cartridge pressurized at nearly 35 pounds per square inch allows it to write in freezing cold, boiling heat, underwater and at any angle - even upside down.


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