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Your sleep experts in sleep masks, pillows, body pillows & sleeping aids

This year, Dream Essentials celebrates its 14th year in business. That’s fourteen years of helping people sleep better! We have been able to do this by listening to our customers and giving them exactly what they need to get a better nights rest. Premium sleep masks and sleep products at an affordable prices and all backed with a 45-day no fuss guarantee, because we know you will love how sleeping masks help you sleep.

What are our customers are saying:

Hi there, I just bought an item from your store and I just want to say that this was one of the lowest hassle purchases I have made on the web (and I have made dozens). You don't make me jump through a bunch of hoops and there is no surprise gotcha shipping and handling at the end. I don't know if I'll need to buy from this site again but if I do it will definitely be a pleasure. Great customer experience.
Thanks, David Canada.

I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the travel eye masks I purchased. They were shipped that same day and arrived just two days later! Thank you for a quality product that actually does what it claims to do.
Suzette H.

Hey there! I love your website, and you have some really amazing products. I’ve been using sleeping masks since I was 16 (so 14 years now) and I love them!
Paige V.

Sleep Masks

Are you having trouble sleeping? A sleep mask is a simple, but highly effective way to get past those troublesome sleep problems and get yourself a restful sleep. Using a sleep mask will block out light while trying to sleep, especially for those who may be trying to sleep during the day. Each mask is made with a very comfortable, light blocking fabric that will feel like pillows for your eyes. With an elasticated strap, the mask will stay on your head while you sleep - giving you the perfect state of darkness and blocking out that unwanted light.

We carry a wide range of masks, from aromatherapy masks that helps you relieve stress and insomnia, to CopperSkin sleep masks that will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. We also have the ability to make you a customized sleep mask; perfect to add your logo for that corporate promotion or giveaway.

Body Pillows

Another way to help you get a better quality sleep, is the use of a body pillow. Body pillows promote proper spinal alignment and aid in better blood circulation. We carry both synthetically filled pillows and those that are filled with down. Our body pillows are perfect the help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain - and that restless tossing and turning at night.

The Dream Essentials Ideal Pillows are ergonomically designed to provide the perfect support for your preferred sleep position. Each pillow provides the extra support you need, whether you are a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper. Trust us, you will want to check these out!

Other Sleeping Aids

At Dream Essentials, we alway strive to find ways to improve your night's sleep. We carry a large selection of dry eye therapy kits; perfect to help you sooth your corneas and reduce swelling and irritations. Unwind your mind and try our amazing eye pillows, each filled with flaxseed and a lavender scent to help ease stress, headaches and even insomnia. You'll also find a wide assortment of foam and silicone ear plugs, plus snore blockers and sound machines.