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What is a Sleeping Eye Cover?

Just another name for a Sleep Mask

Sleeping Eye Cover is another name for a Sleeping Mask, Sleep Mask or Eye Mask. Sleeping Eye Covers are placed over your eyes to block unwanted light, whenever you want to sleep.

Fitted onto your face they provide a cocoon of darkness, which allows a person to quickly and effortlessly drift into peaceful slumber. Sleeping Eye covers work to simulate darkeness and therefore cause the human body to produce the chemical of sleep Melatonin.

Sleeping Eye Covers are great for taking naps during the day. Perfect for air travel and anytime that a person wants to be able to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the environment around them.

Better Natural Sleep with Sleep Eye Covers Sleep allows the body to repair itself and is essential to a person's health and well-being. If a person does not achieve a deep state of rest or suffers from an interrupted sleep cycle, their immune system becomes weakened and they then become susceptible to illness.

Many Sleeping Eye Covers incorporate herbal scents for relaxation; others employ heat or cold to the eyes and sinuses to help relieve headaches or allergies. There are even smaller versions for children to ensure that they sleep through the night peacefully and without interruption.

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