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What is an Eye Pillow?

Gain sense of Peace and Relaxation

An Eye Pillow mask is a wonderful tool that can be used to help a person alleviate daily stress and allow them gain a sense of peace and relaxation. An Eye pillow is typically a small bag filled with flax seeds, beads or gel beads that is placed over your eyes when you lie on your back. There are many eye pillow benefits that will help with sleep and tranquility.

How does it work?

The Eye Pillow works firstly by shielding the eyes from light and then secondly by applying either warmth or cool to the forehead and eyes relieving facial muscle tension. Eye pillows are often also scented with aromatic herbs to help clear sinuses and stimulate the immune system.

Eye pillows need to be comfortable to wear for long periods without discomfort. Better quality eye pillow coverings are made from natural fabrics; such as soft cottons or luxurious silk blends so as not to cause irritation.

Reduce Stress and Relax

Eye Pillows help people to overcome stress and tension in their lives; they are great for a whole range of ailments. People can gain relief from headaches to head colds. Seasonal allergy sufferers often find an eye pillow and invaluable tool.

Styles and Designs

Eye Pillows come in a range of styles, designs and fabrics. Some are beautiful shapes and colors, such as the Monarch Butterfly Dreams Eye Pillow which is made from hand-painted silk. The type of filling and blend of aromatic herbs may differ as well in order to create different sensations or remedies for the wearer.

Traditionally flax seed is used to weight the mask and provide an even pressure to the wearer. Lavender and Chamomile are known for their calming properties and are often used as the herbs of choice.

Dream Essentials offers some wonderful Eye Pillows. Let us help you choose an eye pillow that is right for you.

Monarch Butterfly Dreams Eye Pillow

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