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Custom and Personalized Sleep Masks

What you may already know, is that Dream Essentials is the designer and manufacturer of a large range of sleep masks and eye masks. What you might not be aware of,  is that Dream Essentials can personalize or customize many of those Sleep Masks for promotional use as well as many other reasons. Sleep masks are ideal for corporate promotions, gifts and giveaways. Sleep masks ordered in bulk can be personalized and customized with a slogan, image or your company logo.

What Are Custom, Customized or Personalized Sleep Masks?

Simply put, we take an existing design of sleep mask and customize it by adding your logo, brand, image or text to it. If you desire, we can also make a sleep mask to your design specifications, so if you want a particular color or type of fabric we can get a batch of masks made for you.

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What Are Custom Sleep Masks Used For?

There are many reasons you may want a custom sleep mask/promotional eye mask. 

By adding your company brand, product brand, logo, image or text to a personalized sleep mask, you can use the product as a practical and rather unique marketing tool.

Here are just some of the uses for custom sleep masks...


1. Corporate Promotions
2. Giveaways, i.e., Promotional Gift for an Event or Trade Show
3. Branded Hotel Sleep Kits
4. Employee Gift, what better than to promote healthy sleep amongst your workforce.
5. Branded and promotional for Spas & Salons
6. Branded for Medical Centers, Sleep Clinics, Hospitals & Dentist.
7. As a Branded item to be added to another Sleep Kit
8. Branded for Book Launch
(book does not even have to be sleep related, for example your slogan could be “Sleep Easy Before Your Next Dinner Party”..if it was a Recipe Book).
9. A Wedding Party Favor, as a unique gift for your guests
10. A Private family/group event, such as vacation
11. Baby Shower Favor
12. Custom Slogan for a Sleep Over
13. Sororities & Fraternities
14. Team Travel Event
15. Trust Training Events
16. Beep Baseball and other blindfold sports
17. A unique gift for a friend

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What Types of Customization Options are Available?

Personalized sleep masks can be customized in three main ways...

1. Add Silk Screen Imprint to the front of a Sleep Mask
2. Print Full Color Image on the Front of a Sleep Mask
3. Make a Sleep Mask to your exact specifications

Let's look at these options in more detail...

1. Adding Silk Screen Imprint to the front of a Sleep Mask

The above image is an example of a one color silk screen imprint in the center, front of the Sleep Mask.  Prints can also be placed on left or right side of the front of the Sleep Mask.

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Your print can be a one-color, two-color, or multi-color design. Just send us a hi-resolution version of your artwork, and we can add it to the sleep mask of your choice. Below is a close-up example of a multi-color silk screen print.

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2. Print Full Color Image on the Front of a Sleep Mask

Using a technique called sublimation, you can have a full color image printed on to the front of a sleep mask. The sleep mask below is a Snooz style Sleep Mask and has a full color print on satin fabric, the sleep mask was made to have a matching edge color.


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The Dreamlite is designed to take a full color print, the great thing about using the Dreamlite Sleep Mask is that there are no minimum order amounts. The mask is specifically designed to be printed on, any quantity and with short lead-time. Check out some samples of printing on a Dreamlite Sleep Mask below..

3. Make a Custom Sleep Mask to Your Specifications

If you have a specific style of sleep mask, colors or fabric choices, then we can also help with the design and get it manufactured.  Using this process, you have more control of the shape of the mask, thickness of padding, strap styles and types, fabric choices and fabric colors.  

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Is There a Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Sleep Masks?

It depends on what level of customization you require..

Silkscreen Print (1 to 12 Colors)
For a 1 to Multi-color silk screen print the answer is no minimums. 

Full Color Sublimation of Dreamlite Sleep Mask
The Dreamlite Sleep Mask Style is designed Specifically for fast turn and no minimum order quantities. That's right we can print anything you want on this product. There are no minimum quantities, when adding a sublimated print to style of sleep mask. 

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How Long Does The Customization Process Take?

There are a number of variables that play a part in determining the lead-time. These factors include, how many masks are being customized, what level of customization is required, how many colors are in the print, etc.

Here are some general guidelines...

 Level Of Customization

 Lead Time (business days)

 1 to Multi-Color Print on an Existing Sleep Mask Design
 5 to 10 
  1 to Multi-Color Print for 1000 + pieces

 Full Color Sublimation on Dreamlite Sleep Mask  
5 to 10
 Full Color Sublimation on Other Mask Styles
 Custom Made Design, Your Specifications

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How Much Does Customization Cost?

Since no two custom projects are the same, just fill in the form below with the amount you require and as much detail about he custom work you need and we will quickly get back to you with a fully costed quote.

We do offer rush production services. If you have an urgent need for custom masks, then just complete the form below with your project details and required delivery date, and we will put together options that best suit your needs.

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Tip: In the "Tell us what you are looking for", section include the name of the product you are most interested in (if known), roughly how many are you looking for, what type of customization you require and if there is a deadline date for you receiving these custom items i.e., I am looking for (insert quantity required) Sleep Masks with a one color logo, please send me a quote.