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Dream Essentials® Bamboo Breathe Sleeping Mask
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Bamboo Breathe Eye Mask

Made from Natural Bamboo Fabric

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A Simple Affordable Lightweight and Cool Eye Mask

Made From Natural Bamboo

Looking for a lightweight and cooler temperature breathable  sleep mask?  Then look no further, the bamboo breathe is for you. Made from natural bamboo fiber fabric this sleep mask is lightweight and very cool to wear. The fabric is designed to breathe and runs cooler than other sleep masks.

The soft padded fabric that rests gently over the eye area is fully breathable Bamboo fabric. This is a thin profile breathable Bamboo Eye Mask extremely light weight and it folds or rolls easily for storage when you travel.

Why Buy this Sleep Mask?

  • Small and Petite
  • Ultra comfortable using natural Bamboo Fabric for sensitive facial skin
  • Mask secures around head with single elastic band

Product Details

Inside of Mask
The padded fabric that rests gently over the eye area and on the face is plush, fully breathable and features natural bamboo fabric, inside the bamboo fabric layers is synthetic foam.

Outside of Mask
The fabric on the outside of the breathable sleep mask is also Bamboo fabric and it defines the look and feel of the mask. You get to choose a color that you feel most comfortable wearing. 

Mask Fastener
Mask secures around the head with single elastic band

Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.


Size 4" x 10" Weight 1.4 oz


Product Reviews

Average rating
4.5/511 Reviews



Was this comment helpful ?

I love that it's not polyester, but it doesn't stay put at night (I'm a side sleeper and toss & turn), and light gets in by the nose area. There's a strange little nose cover, but if I put it in place I can't breathe :(
September 7, 2017
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This is the best mask I've ever had. It's very light, the band isn't too tight, and best of all it breathes. I get very warm in bed, especially my head, and this is the ONLY sleep mark that stays cool. I love it!
October 24, 2015
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Was this comment helpful ?

Room-darkening drapes would be my #1 solution, followed by a canopy bed. If these are not possible, then this bamboo eye mask would be the next best solution. This is the fifth eye mask that I've ever tried and by far it is the coolest and most breathable. I'm only giving it 4 stars because it's too loose for my head and therefore does not stay put when I move my head. Perhaps for the same reason, it also presses on my nose or covers part of my forehead. May be another design to try is to have something that only covers the height and width of your eyes so it would not add to the "hot" factor. Offer it in a few different sizes so that one's more likely to get the right, snug fit.
October 7, 2014
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Was this comment helpful ?

I adore this mask! So light and breathable. Between the thinness and the way it wraps around my head I really get the benefits of light blocking without a downside. The most comfortable mask I have ever worn. At any price!
April 30, 2014
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Was this comment helpful ?

What a great product for such a reasonable price! This bamboo eye mask is not only made of a very soft material, but it contours to your face and nose to ensure that no light can penetrate the mask. As a user with a rather large head, this mask works brilliantly when changing positions throughout the night, mask contours around the ears as well, and breathes very well compared to other masks for around the same price.
April 2, 2014
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Was this comment helpful ?

I love this eye mask! It breathes so much better than the silk eye masks I've used in the past and I no longer have irritation or blemishes on the skin around my eyes. I live in Hawaii so breathability is a must in warm and humid conditions. My only suggestion is that the head strap could be made with a silky/slippery material. The outer bamboo mask and the head strap are kind of grippy, so when I turn my head on my pillow the mask doesn't move with me and I have to keep adjusting it through the night.
February 10, 2014
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Was this comment helpful ?

I assumed the bamboo fabric would be quite stiff, almost the consistency of a straw mat, but it's as soft as cotton. Plus it has extra material around the nose and lower eye portion to block any light coming in on the bottom of the mask. Overall, this is the best eye mask I've ever used, and I've done some serious leg work to find what works for me.
November 9, 2013
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Was this comment helpful ?

This is the best eye mask I have ever had. It is so soft and lightweight. Bamboo is a natural material that is perfect. I love it!
September 1, 2013
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Was this comment helpful ?

I thought this product would be rougher or stiffer, but it is actually very soft and pliable. There's also a little flap of fabric with the nose bump that helps keep out most light from below the mask, which works pretty well. It is completly smooth on the sides and very stretchy. It's also the most breathable mask I've ever worn. My husband is a claustrophobic side sleeper and this is perfect for him. He didn't freak out, feel trapped, and nothing stabbed the side of his head, which he is very sensitive about. It also smells good. It has held it's comfort and pliability for 6 months now and shows no sign of wear or stopping. I even store it folded and it always goes right back into shape, even if we don't use it for weeks.
January 13, 2013
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Anonymous User


Was this comment helpful ?

I was looking for something lightweight, cool, constructed of more "natural" materials (the heat from synthetics gives me acne breakouts) and slim (not heavily padded). I had never used an eye mask before; I bought this and it is wonderful! It is very, very lightweight, stays cool, and blocks light very effectively! My only quibble is that I washed it in my washing machine (in a lingerie bag, Woolite, cold water but not on gentle) and the edge tore a tidbit - my own fault though! These should be hand washed. It is wonderful, though! I really love it. My husband - who hates anything "confining" (i.e., gets claustrophobic when he wears a long-sleeved shirt!) finds this very comfortable and cool!
July 13, 2012
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